Coming Next Weekend (July 10th)

TheLegendofBlackhawkManorThe Legend of Blackhawk Manor:

From best-selling author Anna Kristell

On the banks of the Mississippi, in a small Iowa town known as LeClaire, sits a quaint, two-story brick building. Known as Blackhawk Manor, a lucrative local inn, the establishment has housed many a famous name, actors and actresses, as well as singers. Perhaps the most famous of guests, however, was a young construction worker named Robert Thorndale. Robert and his bride were spending their honeymoon at the inn when the handsome young bridegroom met his death at the hands of an unknown man. The murder was never solved and many years later, when two young college friends decide to spend a week at the historic inn, they find themselves in the middle of a fifty year old mystery. Strange appearances begin to occur, clues are left and it is up to Hannah and her friend, Cassie, to solve the crime. Will they find the killer before it’s too late?

Coming Friday, July 10th!

Coming This Weekend – “Untamed Passion” by Summer Graystone

cover_finalComing this Friday, June 26th!

Camilla has spent her entire life, feeling like there was much more to life than what she’d been experiencing. Her love life was boring and her new roommate was driving her insane talking about it. However an unfortunate yet chanced incident brings Zander to her rescue. Could he really be the man of her dreams? Will he teach her exactly how to harness her special shape shifting abilities before it is too late? In a story of love, lies and romance Camilla finds herself in the arms of a handsome shape sifting white tiger that will stop at nothing to protect her.

Will be available on all major retailers: Amazon, B&N, Blushing Books, & ARE this week…Smashwords, Kobo, & Apple next week.

New next week – “Spawn of Babylon” by Carol Storm

Spawn of babylon x2Coming next Friday (June 12th)!

Spawn of Babylon:

A shy schoolteacher. A brooding hunk. Beware the passion that unleashes fathomless terror from the deep!

Sweet and loyal Polly is happy to help her best friend Eleanor hold on to her family’s private island on the secluded Georgia coast. But sexy, glamorous Eleanor has a secret — one that could destroy Polly’s innocence forever!

Gorgeous hotel developer Greg Hatter is determined to claim Eleanor’s island — and clear his long-dead father’s name. But when his passion for Polly awakens an ancient horror, Greg is forced to choose between family honor and forbidden love.

Conquering Lazar

Trekking through the utter ruins of a world squeezed dry, Elbi Vostok dreams of returning to her once cherished Palace of Lazar. Seeking refuge in a temporary commune, Elbi and the rest of the harem girls are forced to adapt to a new way of life. Read More >>>

In the Palace of Lazar

Small communes are scattered throughout the desert planet. Pods of civilization struggle to survive on the precious, fertile land. Desert inhabitants live in these communes, surviving off whatever resources the small community possesses, but no commune can measure to the Palace of Lazar. Stories of sex, lust, forbidden acts, and a society wrapped around taboo are told among other communes. The four brothers that rule Lazar are known for their insatiable tastes and their women that cater to it all. The Palace of Lazar is not just a commune. It is a harem. Read More >>>